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All About Auction House Mule

This article will show you about auction house mule information. A mule is a low level character whose only purpose is to work at the Auction House to make you gold. The process goes like this: you log into World of Warcraft, play with your characters and when you are to log off, you go to the nearest mail box and mail all that is to be sold in the Auction House to your mule.

Then your mule will receive everything and go to the Auction House putting it to sell. It will also be this mule that will check for bargains and monitor the market. It is as if the Auction House is a separate game that you are playing with a separate character.

How do you create a gold making mule?

When choosing the mule’s race, there are a few factors to take into consideration: how close is the mail box to the Auction House in their capital, how well do you know it, how much lag there is…

A mule should be a character you start from scratch – a level one character that you run to the main city, still in level one. This prevents you from even thinking about leveling that character later on and keeps you focused on gold making.

It should have a normal name, because many players won’t buy your auctions if you name your mule “Mule” or “Banker”.

Other than that, you choose which is better, though I’ve found Humans for the Alliance and Undead for the Horde quite good.

How to use your mule?

Using a mule is simple. It starts with you playing your main character and collecting things to sell in the auction house. When you want to stop playing, mail those things to your mule.

Your mule should:

* Sell the things you collected
* Scan the Auction House for bargains
* Monopolize markets
* Monitor the market

It won’t usually be necessary for you to send gold to your main, because it will be getting enough from quests and vendor trash. However, if the necessarily does arise, send it just what it needs – don’t be tempted to waste your gold.

What are some advanced techniques with mules? A very profitable technique is to create cross-faction mules. This means creating a mule on the opposite faction and a mule on a cross-faction auction house. You would then trade between those mules to sell items on the two factions, as some items sell much better on one than the other.

Another technique is to have an enchanter and leatherworking mule, which can profit from items that don’t sell that can be disenchanted and from combining ruined leather scraps to form light leather.

If you want to monopolize a market but don’t want the other player to know it and to overcome the gold cap, you can use more than one mule is another technique.

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