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Pet Supplies – Strollers for Cats

So, do you freak out each time you have to leave your cat inside the house, say, when you go out grocery shopping? Well, you no longer need to do that, because you can fit your cat inside a pet stroller and take your pet kitty with you, wherever you go.

Before you go to a pet store to buy a pet stroller, you need to take a good look at your cat. Measure the size and weight of your cat correctly. Some strollers might look ideal, but might not be cozy enough for the cat. Remember, that the cats are extremely motion-sensitive and can get terrified when they are moved. You must have experienced this first-hand during the vet trips in the car. So, you need to make sure that the stroller is cozy and the cat feels safe inside it.

Some cats are bold and would like to see what is going on, while some others would rather be left alone. Depending on the nature of your cat, buy a stroller that is netted or completely closed. A netted cover on a cat stroller would allow the cat to look out but at the same time also feel safe. A covered stroller will shut the cat out from all external sights, and the cat can rest in peace.

Some strollers have two sections – one netted and one closed section. The cat can come out to the netted section each time it wants to look out and hide away in the closed section when it wants peace. This way, the cat will develop a sense of security inside the stroller and will willingly come with you the next time you want to take it out.

It is recommended to buy a stroller that is fully closed and one in which the cat is completely contained. This is because cats are very nervous animals, and they tend to get startled at the slightest noise. Honking on the roads might cause the cat to yelp in fear and scramble out of the stroller. In panic, the cat might not even notice where it is going, and it can get lost very easily. Imagine a cat getting lost at a mall thronging with people; will you ever be able to find your pet cat again?

Apart from the comfort, safety is also an important issue. Make sure the stroller is safe to use and the cat will get contained inside securely. You can use the strollers that allow the cats to peep out a bit from an opening. However, this is better suited for dogs.

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